FARO Bridge


FARO’s has invented a product known as Faro Portable Bridge. Faro Bridge is a portable pre-fabricated truss bridge, designed for use by military engineering units to bridge up to 60m(200ft) gaps. It requires no special tools or heavy equipment for construction as the bridge components are easy handling and is strong enough to support the load at the maximum of 70 tonne.

The parts of the bridges are delivered to the site on standard, flat bed trucks. Contractor’s own crew and available equipment such as excavator or crane can do the assembly and installation of the most parts. The standard size of a module is 10” x 7”.

Our expertise on the steel gratings will partly contributed the design on the Faro Bridge which the floor will used gratings in order to achieve the desired strength of the bridge.

FARO’s bridge marks another milestone and demonstrates our commitment to future developments to better serve the steel industry.

Faro Bridge Advantages:-

  1. Strength
  2. Portability
  3. Modular System
  4. Easy Maintenance

Application of Faro Bridge

  1. Construction Application (Temporary)
  2. Mining Application
  3. Military Application
  4. Logistic Application
  5. Railway Application
  6. Marine Application
  7. Emergency Solution
  8. Permanent Bridge Solution